Saturday, August 13, 2011

G+ Games Roll Out... Let the FAIL begin...

So it's make or break time for the G+ Games. How did the network stack up? Disappointingly poorly. Rather than creating a default circle where you could add your gaming friends, G+ carelessly allows any gamer to post their shares to anyone who is dumb enough to follow them. The option to share to Extended Circles and Your Circle exists within games, which to those who are bothered by annoying game scores on Facebook (Failbook from this point forward) creates an EPIC FAIL from G+ in implementation. It's simple G+. Either add a circle and move all your friends that game into a Gaming circle, or create for you automatically a new circle for each game. And for god's sake, have G+ do the pairing doubleblind. Don't allow for the games to see any of your personal information or your contact's personal information until it has been confirmed that you both want to play the stupid game. We already know google is spying us, so we trust google. (Strange, but true.) We don't trust Zynga, or any other idiot gaming company that has been caught selling or leaking our personal information to advertisers or marketers. We don't mind ads, but we do care about our privacy.

Simple, secure, effective. Solves failbook's problems, doesn't clutter G+ for non-gamers. I see a Win-Win situation.


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