Friday, December 16, 2011

Yay! The feds are using CarrierIQ!

This its the exact reason I run a custom rom and kernel on my Samsung Continuum. I'd rather have some helpful programmer looking at my data than the feds and the government.

Interesting part is, people have been removing CarrierIQ from roms and kernels for months if not years over at XDA forums.

FBI May Be Using Carrier IQ Too; Carrier IQ Issues Report

Saturday, December 10, 2011

US UAV taken down by apparent hack attack

A United State UAV is undamaged and now in the hands of the Iranian government. The US military is citing a faulty self distruct, but the likelyhood of that being the truth instead of spin is as likely as Obama actually making the decision that he's credited for in this article.

DEBKAfile, Political Analysis, Espionage, Terrorism, Security

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thursday, November 10, 2011

14:08: My quest to 'learn how to spin straw into gold bricks' was a triumph! I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS. Got a golden brick too.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Google's Prayer

Our Google

Our Google who art online
Searchable be thy name
Thy results come,thy pages load
Client side as they do Server side
Give us this log in, and our new messages
Find not results from our embarrassing past
As we search not for the embarrassing past of our friends
Link us not unto 4-chan
but deliver us from trolls
I'm Feeling Lucky.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

3 years later...

After 3 years of fighting charges, I finally won the battle today.

About 3 years ago, my life changed. I know, it's cliché as fuck, but it happened. In order to have a truly life changing experience there generally has to be a huge mistake. Now, it doesn't always even have to be your mistake, but you just have to be impacted by it. You hear of these mistakes all the time. Drunk drivers killing other drivers or pedestrians. People falling asleep at the wheel. Idiots killing each other with guns over drugs, territory, or just because they don't like the other person. Candlelight vigils for people who were taken too early as a result of any of these or a million other mistakes. I'm not going to claim the mistake that changed my life wasn't my fault, nor am I going to claim that I acted alone or that I was the only one making mistakes that night. Everyone made mistakes, from the (ex-)girlfriend (well, almost ex, she was cheating on me.) I had at the time, to the new guy that felt it was his place to initiate a fight to defend his new claim. The police made mistakes, they failed to document all of the evidence and do proper search and seizure which would have secured me a solid defense and speedy exoneration of my "Crimes". But nothing can change that experience or make me forget how it reminded me who I really am.

It wasn't sitting on the tree stump in the front yard as the police pulled up with their lights flashing. It wasn't the cold steel cutting into my wrists as they were secured behind my back. Wasn't the struggle to pull my cell phone from my pocket, hands in cuffs, turn on speakerphone, and dial my mom to tell her what was going on. It wasn't watching my mom sitting in the back of the courtroom while I was escorted in shackled to seven men in similar circumstances. We had all shared our stories, and in situations such as these we all seemed to accept that we didn't have to be big and badass, but rather just allow ourselves to be seen as we were. Imperfect. Flawed. Vulnerable. Human. But the turning point did not happen in that courtroom.

It happened 4 hours before.

Most people have never experienced what it's like to have to endure booking at a county jail. It's not what any TV show or news report ever shows you. It's not 40 people stuck in a single holding cell, or at least it wasn't for me. The holding cells were full (most holding 3 people, while designed to hold 2.) and the overflow was given a mat and pathetic attempt at a blanket and lined up across the floors. I was told to sleep, not knowing what the person to the left or my right was in for. The booking cell block was vastly understaffed, and if there had been any fights or unexpected events there was no way that these officers could have handled the situation before it could escalate. To be honest, I think that was mostly why everything was so calm. Among the broken spirits an uneasy angst settled in over me. The cell block was packed with people that had made mistakes, and had to spend years paying for it. This was not justice. This was timeout. Except this timeout would ruin your chances of ever being viewed in the same light, even if you were found to be innocent.

I didn't sleep much. I was trapped in my own mind attempting to understand how so many could be thrown into this system over such petty things. What happened to live and let live? What happened to settling issues between grown adults instead of having a system do it for us?

The real turning point was sitting in a cell with two other people after "breakfast." The entire night I couldn't stop clinching my fists with rage due to the events from the night before. My hands hurt. But I didn't want to sooth them. I wanted to punish them for the trouble they had gotten me in. I wanted them to take the blame instead of me. I began punching the cinder-block walls. Cracked paint tore through my knuckles. I was delivering my blows until my knuckles couldn't take any more.

It was that moment when I realized that I had strayed from my path. I hadn't been proud of the way I was living for years. I didn't even recognize my own face.

There is no easy moral, no retribution, and no way to reclaim what I have lost. I will never be person that I was in my youth, or even the person I was prior to my encounter. This disappointment is the core of my changes, and this is what has helped me turn my life around in the past 3 years. I am nowhere near the man I want to be. But I'm closer.

Every day. I am closer.

Monday, October 3, 2011

The Ride

Sometimes in life,  you're just along for the ride.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Random thought of the day...

Homosexuality is found in over 450 species.
Homophobia is found in only one.

Which one seems unnatural now?

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The dust has not settled yet...

In my absolutely crazy life nothing ever seems to be fully stable. I was looking forward to working my weekend shift with Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off... But that never ended up really happening. Between the unlimited overtime at work, and the madness that is my life, it still seems that I never have any time to sit down and think anymore.

I guess that's all fine and dandy though. I've been searching for so long for a job and a life that will keep me busy, keep me away from stagnation. I believe I've finally found my life. I'm a little pissed though, because one of my favorite bloggers was in Denver today and we couldn't manage to cross paths during her short layover and the fact that I was stuck at work. Thus is life.

I miss all the bloggers, but I can't help but feel the move away from socializing online to socializing at work is necessary for me to fully embrace my new position in life. I still look at it as a work in progress, but each day I feel more fulfilled and complete.

I can't wait until the winter, and getting my new DSLR. And my new shift at work. Who knows what the future will hold after that...

I close today, with my new favorite quote. Found on twitter, of course...

Dear mom and dad, if my friends really did jump off a cliff..... It was my idea. Sincerely, Your kid is a leader. Not a follower.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11 - Ten years later.

Rather than blabbing about my own feelings on 9/11, I feel that I would rather reiterate the statements that embrace what I feel.

The following is a collection of my favorite quotes and statements from Facebook and Twitter today:

Terrorist attacks can shake the foundations of our biggest buildings, but they cannot touch the foundation of America. These acts shatter steel, but they cannot dent the steel of American resolve. America was targeted for attack because we are the brightest beacon for freedom and opportunity in the world. And NO ONE will keep that light from shining. -George W Bush

‎"In my opinion, today is a day to remember those who died on this day 10 years ago. Those of you who choose today to push your political agenda, post about how you disagree with the war, and just generally shit on the memory of those who fell on 09/11 can STFU and GTFO. I may disagree with our country and president about a few things, but today is not the day to get on your soapbox. Learn some respect and manners." -- Phillip Reece

 Vinny Guadagnino 
 by krazyd0h

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Beautiful Analysis...

Over 2000 years ago, Moses said to Israel, "Pick up your shovels, mount your asses and camels, and I will lead you to the Promised Land." When Welfare was introduced, Roosevelt said, "Lay down your shovels, sit on your asses, and light up a Camel, this is the Promised Land." Today, the government has stolen your shovel, taxed your asses, raised the price of Camels and mortgaged the Promised Land to China!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

New Work, New Life, Not much time for Blogging

In case you missed the memo, I've been hired by a company that does small business email marketing and event marketing. The hours are long, and relatively painless (sometimes even entertaining) but it leaves very little time to actually do any blogging. This makes me sad, as I had great times with the #bloggers that I used to socialize with. I do plan on attempting to write at least one relevant blog post a week, so keep checking back for new content and catching up with me. Also, feel free to follow me on twitter @krazyd0h

Next week's post is gonna be a tutorial on upgrading your Samsung Continuum to Android 2.2.1. See you then :)


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

On the recent earthquake in DC

BREAKING NEWS:Resident Obama has confirmed that the DC earthquake occurred on a rare and obscure fault-line known as "Bush's Fault." He also announced that the Secret Service and Maxine Waters continue an investigation of the quake's suspicious ties to the Tea Party. Conservatives however have proven that it was caused by the founding fathers rolling over in their graves.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

G+ Games Roll Out... Let the FAIL begin...

So it's make or break time for the G+ Games. How did the network stack up? Disappointingly poorly. Rather than creating a default circle where you could add your gaming friends, G+ carelessly allows any gamer to post their shares to anyone who is dumb enough to follow them. The option to share to Extended Circles and Your Circle exists within games, which to those who are bothered by annoying game scores on Facebook (Failbook from this point forward) creates an EPIC FAIL from G+ in implementation. It's simple G+. Either add a circle and move all your friends that game into a Gaming circle, or create for you automatically a new circle for each game. And for god's sake, have G+ do the pairing doubleblind. Don't allow for the games to see any of your personal information or your contact's personal information until it has been confirmed that you both want to play the stupid game. We already know google is spying us, so we trust google. (Strange, but true.) We don't trust Zynga, or any other idiot gaming company that has been caught selling or leaking our personal information to advertisers or marketers. We don't mind ads, but we do care about our privacy.

Simple, secure, effective. Solves failbook's problems, doesn't clutter G+ for non-gamers. I see a Win-Win situation.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Riots in London - Organized via BBM?

Over the past couple of days, the Riots in London have been headlining news. It seemed that the riots were the results of another innocent man being shot by the London police department, but it also seems that initial reaction was a conclusion that we had incorrectly jumped to. The initial riots began shortly after a group organized via Blackberry Messenger was instructed to report to the location of a peaceful protest, and start creating trouble. This is not an isolated incident, as people have been reporting via twitter that they are using BBM as a meetup and crowd control device to guide rioters away from police and organize new meeting spots.

I guess the question becomes, has our technology outgrown our humanity? Or is technology the next frontier of the social rebellion like we're seeing all over the Middle East?

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Is google SEO broken?

This is common knowledge to pretty much any blogger, but has anyone else noticed how inherently broken Google's SEO methods are? It seems that the Blackhat SEO is winning out with google, and it's not just the small firms that are looking to get a boost. JCPenny and were demoted and penalized by google for fake traffic to artifically boost their rankings. Seems that both retail giants had paid a company to generate the traffic for them to boost their pagerank. Capitol One credit cards also participated in the anarchy by tagteaming with an online car dealership to artificially raise their pagerank as well.

Does business have no morals anymore? Is it just free game in the wild wild internet now? Or is Google going to actually begin cracking down on shady SEO practices? What do you think?

Are black hat SEO specialists getting better at outsmarting Google? And is Google Local Search particularly susceptible to gaming? 

Earlier this year, JC Penny and had to be manually demoted by Google because they were paying for inbound links to artificially inflate their rankings.

Last month a Chinese start-up that uses illicit SEO tactics to outrank a number of major consumer brands for keywords like “summer dresses” secured a $15 million dollar investment from Sequoia Capital.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

New TSA Software To Nix Invasive Body Scan Images

Looks like all the uproar on the internet and in the media finally got the change they wanted... about 6 months later. The TSA is implementing filters on the so called "nude" scanners that cartoonizes the body and identifies any irregularities.

When the Transportation Security Administration rolled out full-body scanners at airport security checkpoints, it produced images detailed enough to earn the nickname “porno scanners.”
Now, the TSA plans to install software in all of these machines that will put an end to the seemingly naked scanned images.
The software eliminates passenger-specific images. Instead, the machine uses a generic image to pinpoint any potential threats hiding under a passenger’s clothes that require further screening. If no potential threats are automatically detected, an “OK” appears on the screen and the passenger is cleared.
“By eliminating the image of an actual passenger and replacing it with a generic outline of a person, passengers are able to view the same outline that the TSA officer sees,” a TSA statement explains. “Further, a separate TSA officer will no longer be required to view the image in a remotely located viewing room.”

New TSA Software To Nix Invasive Body Scan Images

Friday, July 22, 2011

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My thoughts on the NFL lockout...

I don't often forward mail to raise money for organizations, however sometime a request comes along that is need of immediate help. This is one of those times. Please give to this most worthy cause. 

Since September 11, 2001, Americans have come together as never before in our generation.  We have banded together to overcome adversity.  We have weathered direct attacks on our own soil, wars overseas, corporate/government scandal, layoffs, unemployment, stock price plunges, droughts, fires, mad cow, SARS, high gasoline prices, and a myriad of economic and physical disasters both great and small. But now, we must come together once again to overcome one of our greatest challenges yet.

Hundreds of Professional Football players in our very own nation are going to be locked out, living at well below their seven-figure salary level.  And as if that weren't bad enough they could be deprived of their life sustaining pay for several months, possibly longer, as a result of the upcoming lockout situation. But you can help!

For only $27,080 a month, about $902.75 a day (that's less than the cost of a large screen projection TV) you can help an NFL player remain economically viable during his time of need. This contribution by no means solves the problem as it barely covers the annual minimum salary, but it's a start, and every little bit will help!

Although $900 may not seem like a lot of money to you, to a football player it could mean the difference between spending the lockout golfing in Florida or on a Mediterranean cruise.  For you, nine hundred dollars is nothing more than a month's rent, a mortgage payment, or a month of medical insurance, but to a football player, $900 will partially replace his daily salary.

Your commitment of less than $900 a day will enable a player to buy that home entertainment center, trade in the year-old Lexus for a new Ferrari, or enjoy a weekend in Rio .


Each month, you will receive a complete financial report on the player you sponsor.  Detailed information about his stocks, bonds, 401(k), real estate, and other investment holdings will be mailed to your home. Plus, upon signing up for this program, you will receive an unsigned photo of the player lounging during the lockout on a beach somewhere in the Caribbean (for a signed photo, please include an additional $150).  Put the photo on your refrigerator to remind you of other peoples' suffering.


Your NFL player will be told that he has a SPECIAL FRIEND who just wants to help in a time of need. Although the player won't know your name, he will be able to make collect calls to your home via a special operator in case additional funds are needed for unforeseen expenses.

Remember, a lifestyle is a horrible thing to waste...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sony captcha fail

Andrew Hintz just wrote an quick but amazing article on how hard sony just failed on their implementation of CAPTCHA technology rolled out on their websites. The link below is a direct link to his comments on Google+

Monday, July 11, 2011

TWLOHA - The lost story

Back when To Write Love on her Arms was just a small upstart, caring about saving individuals instead of the masses, they used to have a real story published on their webpage. Everyone that has ever visited the official TWLOHA website knows the story of Renee Yohe, but nobody who joined the movement after 2009 even knows the reason that we write LOVE on our arms... This preface gives us the real reasons that Renee was helped. Why Jamie and friends reached out their hands, and the inspiration to write Love on our arms. Not because some facebook group tells us to several times a year, but instead because there is true meaning behind it. This story is the reason that I write Love on my arms. Without further ado, the lost story.
My friend Justin works on music videos in LA. A couple months ago, I had the chance to go with him to watch Joaquin Phoenix direct a video for the band She Wants Revenge. I had been hearing a lot about them, and their single was starting to get a lot of play, but more I was excited to see Joaquin Phoenix. This wasn't long after the release of Walk the Line, and Joaquin's brilliant performance as Johnny Cash. That movie moved me so much, watching love's patient victory over pain.
Seeing him work that day, I saw some of the madness that I remembered from his Johnny Cash role. Joaquin seems a guy who lives out there on that edge. In a single take, you would see him move from defeat to celebration, wearing both on his sleeve. And I liked that he was about the song, his leg always bouncing with the drum beat. I liked his passion.
But here's the thing that stayed with me: Joaquin writes things on his arms. By that I mean, he doesn't have a notebook (or an assistant with a notebook). Ideas, things to do, it's all there, in Sharpie scribble on his arms. It didn't make sense and I liked that. Here's one of the biggest guys in Hollywood, running around with crap written all over him, on a day when MTV was there to film. This isn't normal stuff. If you're going to write things on your arms, people are going to see. They're going to see what's on your mind and they're going to think you're weird. I liked the possibility that he didn't care what people thought. I thought it would be cool to live like that, to be about things and to be bold about them.
I came home and there was some hard stuff happening with my family. On a couple different days, I wrote "love" on my arm. It was for me, a reminder I guess, and I decided I was okay with people seeing it. Love is a pretty good thing for people to see.
A couple weeks later I met another fan of Walk the Line. She said she needed the movie, to see Johnny Cash beat his addiction meant it was possible for her. She watched it coming down, cocaine in her tears as she wept quietly in a dark Orlando theatre.
I think you know, but that was Renee...

Friday, July 8, 2011


Monday, July 4, 2011

Tree just randomly decided to fall right next to my brothers tent. His head was like 14 inches away from getting crushed. Crazy shit.

(Sorry about the pictures not being upright, blogging from a cell phone is horrible.)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Monday, June 27, 2011

This is totally what my friends are like

Stumbleupon recommended this to me for my weekly stumbles. Amazing.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

LuLzsec sails off into the sunset

LuLzSec has announced that their 50 day plundering websites and owning Sony, the CIA, and other high value targets has come to a close. With a final farewell and a tip of the hat to the #AntiSec movement that they seem to have inspired, they announced that they were sailing off into the sunset. Personally, I hope they return, as soon as soon as they shake a little heat from all their opponents/enemies, of course.

. /$$                 /$$            /$$$$$$                    
.| $$                | $$           /$$__  $$                    
.| $$       /$$   /$$| $$ /$$$$$$$$| $$  \__/  /$$$$$$   /$$$$$$$
.| $$      | $$  | $$| $$|____ /$$/|  $$$$$$  /$$__  $$ /$$_____/
.| $$      | $$  | $$| $$   /$$$$/  \____  $$| $$$$$$$$| $$      
.| $$      | $$  | $$| $$  /$$__/   /$$  \ $$| $$_____/| $$      
.| $$$$$$$$|  $$$$$$/| $$ /$$$$$$$$|  $$$$$$/|  $$$$$$$|  $$$$$$.$
.|________/ \______/ |__/|________/ \______/  \_______/ \_______/
                          //Laughing at your security since 2011!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

This has to be the greatest comment from a politician. EVER.

"You get to the point where you evolve in your life where everything isn't black and white, good and bad, and you try to do the right thing," McDonald, 64, told reporters.

"You might not like that. You might be very cynical about that. Well, fuck it, I don't care what you think. I'm trying to do the right thing.

"I'm tired of Republican-Democrat politics. They can take the job and shove it. I come from a blue-collar background. I'm trying to do the right thing, and that's where I'm going with this."

-Republican NY State Senator Roy McDonald's

Thursday, June 23, 2011

New TV time? I think so.

I've been thinking for a while now that it's about time that I replaced my TV. Don't get me wrong, my Panasonic Viera 42" is amazing, but I'm just not sure it's cutting it anymore. The picture is still amazing, but after the move my 42" just feels small in the new living room.

I was initially planning on doing a 55" Panasonic 600hz 1080p 3D tv, but I really just can't justify spending that much money on a 55", just to have to turn around and buy a 3D blu-ray player as well. Then I'd be stuck doing the whole buy the whole DVD library over again in 3D. I already waste enough money buying movies, making the jump to 3D when most movies just use it as a gimmick just isn't worth it for me right now.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

So my girlfriend got me this shirt in Thailand... And I can't put my finger on why, but I freakin love it.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

League of Legends - Season 1 Championships LIVE NOW

It's been an epically long season one for League of Legends players. During the first season of this breakout game, we've seen the hero selection go from a mere handful of heros (~20-30 at start) to a whopping 77 heros to chose from. Riot Games has decided to close out the season with an epic blowout at the largest LAN party every year, Dreamhack in Sweden. With over 188k viewers on the live stream of the games, and the #eSports hashtag trending worldwide on Twitter, League of Legends has solidified it's position in the online competitive gaming community. With epic games constantly streaming at Season 1 League of Legends Livestream, everyone can and should feel free to check out the action that is Dreamhack and League of Legends.

TSM vs aAa was the most amazing game thus far in the livestream experience. At thirty minutes in, the game was practically tied with TSM seeming like they were slipping. aAa had pressed TSM into to their own base, and things were beginning to look bleek. Suddenly, Reginald popped Annie's Tibbers, and chaos struck out. aAa was split and stunned, and TSM dropped 3 players from the aAa attack. From this point, the constant back and forth was so tense that there are no words in english to properly describe. Just prior to the final push, both teams were facing off at Baron. Almost in unison, both teams split for the enemy base, and completed the game in an epic base race in which TSM edged out aAa by 2 hits on the nexus.

In game two, Reginald decided to go with a Zilian build that ended up (in my opinion) costing his team the game. The ulti was priceless in teamfights, but he lacked the ability to take out anyone or be an offensive power.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Ode to LuLz

If you've been a loyal reader to my blog, you already know how much I enjoy detailing the exploits of this new hacking group. It's not because I enjoy watching innocents get owned (although it is damn entertaining), but rather because I believe that far too many people feel entirely too secure online. Now, I'm not one of those crazy conspiracy theorists that believe someone is watching you at all times and you must protect yourself, (but I wouldn't be surprised,) but I do believe that there are precautions that every person should take to anonymize themselves and protect their personal information online. Now this doesn't mean go crazy and immediately go for the highest priced anonymized VPN while paying for it with a prepaid creditcard that you purchased wearing a hoodie, baseball cap, and sunglasses. Internet security can be improved by small things, like not reusing passwords.

On the password front, I've found that if you create a pattern on the keyboard, then modify it each use (i.e. move one key over from the starting position, or alternate caps, even use caps lock on certain sites to mix up the case of the password) that your chances of someone taking over your online identity are almost zero. (or you can use to help you make a password.)

Now, nothing is certain on the internet, so don't get a false sense of confidence. And please, for the love of God, never put anything on the internet that you wouldn't want to show your parents, or your kids.

Thank you LuLzSec, for allowing us to teach n00bs these valuable lessons.


P.S. Below is LuLzSec's new pastebin. Enjoy.
Dear Internets,

This is Lulz Security, better known as those evil bastards from twitter. We just hit 1000 tweets, and as such we thought it best to have a little chit-chat with our friends (and foes).

For the past month and a bit, we've been causing mayhem and chaos throughout the Internet, attacking several targets including PBS, Sony, Fox, porn websites, FBI, CIA, the U.S. government, Sony some more, online gaming servers (by request of callers, not by our own choice), Sony again, and of course our good friend Sony.

While we've gained many, many supporters, we do have a mass of enemies, albeit mainly gamers. The main anti-LulzSec argument suggests that we're going to bring down more Internet laws by continuing our public shenanigans, and that our actions are causing clowns with pens to write new rules for you. But what if we just hadn't released anything? What if we were silent? That would mean we would be secretly inside FBI affiliates right now, inside PBS, inside Sony... watching... abusing...

Do you think every hacker announces everything they've hacked? We certainly haven't, and we're damn sure others are playing the silent game. Do you feel safe with your Facebook accounts, your Google Mail accounts, your Skype accounts? What makes you think a hacker isn't silently sitting inside all of these right now, sniping out individual people, or perhaps selling them off? You are a peon to these people. A toy. A string of characters with a value.

This is what you should be fearful of, not us releasing things publicly, but the fact that someone hasn't released something publicly. We're sitting on 200,000 Brink users right now that we never gave out. It might make you feel safe knowing we told you, so that Brink users may change their passwords. What if we hadn't told you? No one would be aware of this theft, and we'd have a fresh 200,000 peons to abuse, completely unaware of a breach.

Yes, yes, there's always the argument that releasing everything in full is just as evil, what with accounts being stolen and abused, but welcome to 2011. This is the lulz lizard era, where we do things just because we find it entertaining. Watching someone's Facebook picture turn into a penis and seeing their sister's shocked response is priceless. Receiving angry emails from the man you just sent 10 dildos to because he can't secure his Amazon password is priceless. You find it funny to watch havoc unfold, and we find it funny to cause it. We release personal data so that equally evil people can entertain us with what they do with it.

Most of you reading this love the idea of wrecking someone else's online experience anonymously. It's appealing and unique, there are no two account hijackings that are the same, no two suddenly enraged girlfriends with the same expression when you admit to killing prostitutes from her boyfriend's recently stolen MSN account, and there's certainly no limit to the lulz lizardry that we all partake in on some level.

And that's all there is to it, that's what appeals to our Internet generation. We're attracted to fast-changing scenarios, we can't stand repetitiveness, and we want our shot of entertainment or we just go and browse something else, like an unimpressed zombie. Nyan-nyan-nyan-nyan-nyan-nyan-nyan-nyan, anyway...

Nobody is truly causing the Internet to slip one way or the other, it's an inevitable outcome for us humans. We find, we nom nom nom, we move onto something else that's yummier. We've been entertaining you 1000 times with 140 characters or less, and we'll continue creating things that are exciting and new until we're brought to justice, which we might well be. But you know, we just don't give a living fuck at this point - you'll forget about us in 3 months' time when there's a new scandal to gawk at, or a new shiny thing to click on via your 2D light-filled rectangle. People who can make things work better within this rectangle have power over others; the whitehats who charge $10,000 for something we could teach you how to do over the course of a weekend, providing you aren't mentally disabled.

This is the Internet, where we screw each other over for a jolt of satisfaction. There are peons and lulz lizards; trolls and victims. There's losers that post shit they think matters, and other losers telling them their shit does not matter. In this situation, we are both of these parties, because we're fully aware that every single person that reached this final sentence just wasted a few moments of their time.

Thank you, bitches.

Lulz Security

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

International monetary fund hit by hackers

The International Monetary Fund, which manages global financial crises, has been the target of a major cyber attack by hackers seeking access to confidential information about economies across the world.
The IMF collects sensitive information about the financial systems of its 187 member nations Photo: REUTERS 
The IMF announced earlier this week that they were compromised by an unknown attacker using a "Spear-Fishing" attack. For those of you who aren't familiar with "Spear Fishing", it is a method of attack where the attacker gathers information on the company and compiles a list of users/employees, then uses social engineering to coerce the users to view an e-mail or website which activates an attack on their computers. The Spear Fishing attacks are typically delivered by email that either contains an attack file such as a modified PDF, Excel, or Word document, or contains a link to an attack site using something that might trick the user into visiting the site (e.g. Company 2010 policy changes).

This news is most troubling, as the IMF collects private and confidential data from countries around the world concerning their financial well-being, including the status of their currency and spending habits. With this information, the attacker could potentially exploit the confidential information for personal gain, or in an extreme situation, destabilize the currency of a country. Scary stuff indeed.

For more on this story, please visit the link below.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Another new Facebook vulnerability stirs up likes

 ______ likes a link.
The World Funniest Condom
HaHa it's really so funny ~ Don't Miss it!

In case I need to say it, you really don't wanna visit that blog above. The page is the same ol' same ol' click here to load a codec and get your system rooted.

Here is the fun part, but it's still just a typical clickjacking procedure. The page loads an iframe with the like button under the image, and the minute your click on the image or move your mouse within the page, they use that via javascript to trigger the like "click"

Code as follows:

<div id="fb-root"></div>
<script src=""></script> 
<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8">
FB.Event.subscribe('edge.create', function(response) {
window.location = "";
x=e.pageX ; y=e.pageY;
$("#like").css({top: (y - 4) + "px", left: (x - 4) + "px"});

Friday, June 10, 2011

Lulzsec dumps database

LuLzsec is at it again. This time they hit the database and dumped usernames and passwords for  ~25,000 accounts. Interestingly enough, none of these user names or passwords seem to work from reports on twitter (and personal investigation ;) ) What gives LuLzSec?

Hi! We like porn (sometimes), so these are email/password
combinations from which we plundered for the lulz
Check out these government and military email
addresses that signed up to the porn site...
They are too busy fapping to defend their country: | ilovedyna | karlmarx | 814550 | j347576 | mywife01 <-- American fighter pilot LOL | 3689817
Also, double LOL, 55 admin/webmasters of other porn sites:

Thursday, June 9, 2011

LuLzsec owns Sony Again. Sownage™ 2 success story.

LuLzSec is at it again. Looks like they weren't content with owning the Sony Pictures database, so they returned  to Sony, This time the BMG record label and did a bit of LuLzing around, making a map and stealing the structure information as they went.

And LuLz were had by everyone, except Sony.

But they weren't done there, seems as if they got bored of taunting people on their twitter, and decided to go back into PSN or the Playstation side of the servers, and steal the source code for, which just happens to be the Sony Online Developer Network. Shortly thereafter they released the source code to the public along with this press release.

. /$$                 /$$            /$$$$$$                     
.| $$                | $$           /$$__  $$                    
.| $$       /$$   /$$| $$ /$$$$$$$$| $$  \__/  /$$$$$$   /$$$$$$$
.| $$      | $$  | $$| $$|____ /$$/|  $$$$$$  /$$__  $$ /$$_____/
.| $$      | $$  | $$| $$   /$$$$/  \____  $$| $$$$$$$$| $$      
.| $$      | $$  | $$| $$  /$$__/   /$$  \ $$| $$_____/| $$      
.| $$$$$$$$|  $$$$$$/| $$ /$$$$$$$$|  $$$$$$/|  $$$$$$$|  $$$$$$.$
.|________/ \______/ |__/|________/ \______/  \_______/ \_______/ 
                          //Laughing at your security since 2011!

.--    .-""-.
.   ) (     )
.  (   )   (
.     /     )
.    (_    _)                     0_,-.__
.      (_  )_                     |_.-._/
.       (    )                    |lulz..\    
.        (__)                     |__--_/           
.     |''   ``\                   |
.     | [Lulz] \                  |      /b/
.     |         \  ,,,---===?A`\  |  ,==y'
.   ___,,,,,---==""\        |M] \ | ;|\ |&gt;
.           _   _   \   ___,|H,,---==""""bno,
.    o  O  (_) (_)   \ /          _     AWAW/
.                     /         _(+)_  dMM/
.      \@_,,,,,,---=="   \      \\|//  MW/
.--''''"                         ===  d/
.                                    //   SET SAIL FOR FAIL!
.                                    ,'_________________________
.   \    \    \     \               ,/~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
.                         _____    ,'  ~~~   .-""-.~~~~~~  .-""-.
.      .-""-.           ///==---   /`-._ ..-'      -.__..-'
.            `-.__..-' =====\\\\\\ V/  .---\.
.                     ~~~~~~~~~~~~, _',--/_.\  .-""-.
.                            .-""-.___` --  \|         -.__..-

Konichiwa from LulzSec, Sony bastards!

We've recently bought a copy of this great new game called "Hackers vs Sony", but we're unable to play it online due to PSN being obliterated. So we decided to play offline mode for a while and got quite a few trophies. Our latest goal is "Hack Sony 5 Times", so please find enclosed our 5th Sony hack.

Enjoy this 54MB collection of SVN Sony Developer source code. That's hackers 16, Sony 0. Your move!

ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: HACK SONY 6 TIMES! Oh damn, we just did it again, please also find enclosed internal network maps of Sony BMG.

Lulz Security

We sincerely thank you LuLzSec, for harassing the entirety of Sony after they've done nothing but injustice to their dedicated OtherOS users and those who want to develop homebrews. Maybe someday they'll learn.

I won't be holding my breath... :)

Obama posts his first campaign ad for 2012

This video highlights all Obama's great achievements, carefully detailing how he got here and where he's planning to go.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Epic weather...

Looks like a wicked storm is bout to roll thru... Time for some storm chasing. Picture is across the street,  sunset is to my back

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Every day I be shufflin!

Everyday I be Shufflin! LFMAO teaches you how to Charleston, and then teaches how to adapt the Charleston to the Shuffle.

LMFAO busted onto the scene with Lil Jon with the song "Shots", but really broke through with the track "Party Rock Anthem" The chorus of "Everyday I'm shufflin" simply will not allow anyone to not enjoy. If this track doesn't make you bob your head, much less start Charleston Shufflin', then you lack any sort of music sense or soul.

I'll be posting video of Me and Micro shufflin' in tinychat, if we ever get the courage to record it. Record your Charleston or Shuffle and I'll feature you in a later blog, and if you're in Colorado or wanna travel, I'll work my connections and see if I can get you a spot doing GO-GO at some of the Colorado Venues.

Much love and shufflin',

d0h / in50mn14c

Sunday, June 5, 2011


So everyone should already know about Comcast's shady business practices, as they've been well documented. (See here, and herehere, oh, there's more that will be added too...)

So, further evidence of Comcast's bait and switch tactics and illegal business practices in action. Comcast has been charging me for the 10mpbs service for the entire month. For the entire month I've been calling in and complaining that my speeds have never reached the promised 20-25mbps they advertise with their new Blast! technology. As a matter of fact, here's the standard benchmark.

The interesting part about this is that the Woodland Park speedtest is a 3rd party non-affiliated location, while the Denver, Colorado location is a Comcast sponsored location. Big differences. I smell fishy business. And that's aside from the fact that they've been charging me for double the bandwidth that they've been allocating me. They had also said that my bandwidth allowance would be 500gb per month, as I often upload 1080p videos to my youtube channels. Nothing on that front. I'm stuck at 250gb, which will mean between my HD netflix streaming and my video uploading for youtube alone, I'm hitting their cap.

Kyle: I am also seeing that I only have ~250gb for data, when my girlfriend was being pitched this whole package deal they told us we'd have 500
Kyle: because we use netflix and I work from home, i often send 1-2GB video files to clients
JunSBBL: I see. It could be a provisioning issue. I suggest that to remedy this issue, I bring you over Internet Support to help you with this issue. Is that ok?
Kyle: sounds good
JunSBBL: Great! Is there anything else you need before I transfer you?
Kyle: nope
JunSBBL: Just a quick recap. You needed info on a credit for your account and was informed of that and now you had to be referred to internet support to fix the data range of your internet service.
JunSBBL: Our goal is to provide you with a consistently superior customer experience – that’s our guarantee. Learn more about the Comcast Customer Guarantee at
JunSBBL: If you need assistance in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us through Live Chat or E-Mail (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week). Comcast also offers great FAQ and Help forums located at to help you solve many issues on your own. You can also reach us through our Hotline 1-800-COMCAST (1-800-266-227. Don't forget, you can watch full TV shows and movies online, check out for more information. Thank you for contacting Comcast! We appreciate your business!
JunSBBL: It's been a pleasure helping you today. Thank your for contacting Comcast and have a great day.
JunSBBL: Please stay connected to the chat for the next available representative.
JunSBBL: Please wait, while the problem is escalated to another analyst
Kyle: My Issue: 2 reps have offered me a $20 credit due to constant internet outages in the first month, but none have been applied to my bill according to the website.
analyst Kent has entered room
KentBCBU: Welcome to Comcast! I hope your day is going well. How may I help you?
analyst Jun Rolin has left room
analyst Jun Rolin has left room
Kyle: I'm seeing that i'm only being allocated 250gb, when the rep that sold us the package over the phone said it should be 500gb when we upgraded to the 20mb
Kyle: also, whenever I do a speedtest from i'm getting no better than 10mb downspeed
KentBCBU: Is this for your speed issue, right?
Kyle: well, it's in addition to the issue i've been having with the router not seeing the DNS server
KentBCBU: YOu have slow connectivity, issue am I right?
KentBCBU: Are you still there? Please let me know if you are still available.
Kyle: slower than advertised
KentBCBU: I'm sorry to hear about the issue you are having with our service. I'm not going to waste any time here, let's get right to fixing it.
KentBCBU: I understand you are having an issue with your service today. I'm sure we can work together to get this fixed.
KentBCBU: May I know how many PC are you connected to the modem?
Kyle: i apologize, i'm attempting to deal with clients that haven't gotten their services because my internet has been down
KentBCBU: That's alright Kyle.
KentBCBU: May I know how many PC are you connected to the modem?
Kyle: 3
Kyle: but when fully loaded I have a Google TV, 2 Ipod Touches, 3 laptops, and a desktop
Kyle: never in use at the same time
KentBCBU: Okay, thank you for that information
Kyle: but ever when it's just my desktop attached directly to the modem, i'm still getting only 10-12 mb
KentBCBU: May I know if you have tried resetting your wireless router?
Kyle: yes, several times
Kyle: I've requested you guys push the newest firmware to the zoom modem as well, since you guys added a password to the modem so I can't do it myself
KentBCBU: Just to set your expectation, I would be sending a reset command to your cable modem as part of our troubleshooting steps. This may cause a series of slight service disruption. Please dont click on anything until you are back online in a couple of minutes, okay?
Kyle: ok
user Kyle has left room
KentBCBU: May you please reset your router now?
Kyle: I believe the router just reset
KentBCBU: Please reset it now
Kyle: Ok, I will be right back
KentBCBU: Thank you
user Kyle has left room
KentBCBU: Thank you Kyle.
KentBCBU: Please check your download speed now in
Kyle: seems that every test run by comcast is quite padded
Kyle: i get 2-6mbps on any host that's not a comcast speedtest server
KentBCBU: Okay I can see in your service plan under your account you have, the speed plan of 6Mbps and it may reach up to 12Mbps only if you are using one PC and direct connection to the modem
Kyle: no
Kyle: that is incorrect
Kyle: on the bill we have the Blast! internet with 20mbps powerboost up to 25mbps
Kyle: that's what i just paid for for the last month, and you're telling me I didn't get it?
KentBCBU: Oh I see.
Kyle: now i'm fucking pissed
Kyle: not only has my internet been out, but you guys didn't provision my modem and account properly?
Kyle: but billed me for the higher tier service anyways?
KentBCBU: I can see here you own the modem, right?
KentBCBU: Did you receive a new modem from COmcast?
Kyle: no, i did not
Kyle: but the modem i own is docsis 2.0 which reaches up to 20mbps per spec
KentBCBU: I see, I can see here the modem you use is not supported by Blast speed, you are using Docsis 2.0 modem, for you to have the Blast speed, you may need to have the Docsis 3.0 modem
Kyle: and why wasn't this told to me a month and a half ago?
Kyle: when i transferred service and upgraded the packages
KentBCBU: Im so sorry about that Kyle, I just checked it in your equipment used. Im so sorry about the previous technician was not able to inform you about this
Kyle: My question is why is Comcast marketing me a speed that my current modem can attain, but telling me I have to go buy a new modem to get it
Kyle: send me 20mbps on Docsis 2.0 like the specifications for Docsis 2.0 says, or you guys can take the modem that I bought for this bundle and give me one that reaches your specs because you didn't bother telling me I needed Docsis 3.0
KentBCBU: We can have a modem for you Kyle, you may pick up the Docsis 3.0 modem in our local office in your area
Kyle: and how much of a rental fee per month is that going to charge me?
KentBCBU: It will be 5.00/month
Kyle: because i outright bought a modem 45 days ago and was told that I would only need Docsis 2.0 to receive up to 20mbps
Kyle: that's not acceptable
Kyle: i just bought a modem based off your company's lies, i'm not renting one from you
KentBCBU: Im so sorry about that Kyle, if you like you may have your own Docsis 3.0 modem.
KentBCBU: Please accept my unreserved apologies about this issue that cause you Kyle.
Kyle: i'm seriously about to cancel the entire package and go with qwest who will give me a 25mbit ADSL with 10mb up for the same price you're trying to charge me
Kyle: plus they give me the DSL modem for free
KentBCBU: I can certainly understand your frustration.
Kyle: No, you aren't understanding
Kyle: You're telling me I just wasted $75 (a whole bill to your service) on a modem that doesn't meet your specifications. All because one of your reps gave me the wrong information
Kyle: I work IT, I know that DOCSIS 2 can push 20mbps
Kyle: there's no reason comcast as a service shouldn't be giving me what I pay for
Kyle: And the fact that they billed me for the incorrect speed for the entire month is simply not acceptable either
Kyle: I want to speak to a manager. NOW.
Kyle: **** your deescalation procedures
Kyle: I want someone who can actually do something about this mess that your effing company made
KentBCBU: Im sorry about that Kyle.
Kyle: Stop apologizing and get me escalated to a manager
Kyle: skip the supervisor, i'll tear through them in no time
KentBCBU: Let me check this for you now Kyle.
Kyle: No, there will be no checking. This is the reason that Comcast has been slapped with class action lawsuits for misleading business practices and false advertising
KentBCBU: Would that be fine for you if I will put you on hold at most 2 minutes while I check an available supervisor you.
Kyle: do what you have to
KentBCBU: By the way Kyle, may I know the account holder's name?
Kyle: (2 names redacted), and as long as you guys didn't muck up the address transfer more than I already think you did I should be on the account as authorized
KentBCBU: Thank you Kyle
KentBCBU: Im talking with our manager now about your issue.
KentBCBU: Thank you for waiting. I appreciate your patience. I apologize for the wait being a little longer than expected. I just need another minute or two to get everything that we need to get this resolved and discuss about your concern Kyle.
Kyle: Take your time, just make sure it's done right. Next person I'm calling is the District manager for Retail services for Northern Colorado
Kyle: He'll be checking your work, as I've done a lot of business with him before.
KentBCBU: Thank you so much for your time Kyle
KentBCBU: Thank you very much for patiently waiting. I apologize for it being a little longer than expected.
KentBCBU: Kyle, just incase we will be disconnected, may I know what is your best call back number?
Kyle: (redacted)
KentBCBU: Thank you
KentBCBU: Kyle I have the manager now for you, let me transfer you over to her now
Kyle: if we can add that as the primary contact on the account and move my girlfriend's number to the secondary that'd be great
Kyle: ok
KentBCBU: Please wait, while the problem is escalated to another analyst
Kyle: My Issue: 2 reps have offered me a $20 credit due to constant internet outages in the first month, but none have been applied to my bill according to the website.
analyst Jovelyn has entered room
analyst Kent has left room
analyst Kent has left room
SUPJovelynDCBU: Hello, Kyle. How are you today?
Kyle: Not happy
Kyle: this is the 5th rep i've been transferred to today
Kyle: not counting the phone calls i've been trying to make
SUPJovelynDCBU: I am sorry to hear that. I know where you're coming from. Please allow me to review your previous transcript.
Kyle: someone mucked up the transfer of service from the old address to the new, missed every required legal notification
Kyle: on my blog that clears 10k hits weekly
SUPJovelynDCBU: Thanks for that information, Kyle. I sure will look into that to ensure resolution on your issue.
SUPJovelynDCBU: I appreciate your patience while on hold.
Kyle: Don't worry about it, I just wanted you to know that the outcome of this entire chat will be posted publicly as you guys are clear using illegal business practices and bait and switch tactics
SUPJovelynDCBU: As per checking, you have been having issues with your internet connection.
Kyle: Yes
SUPJovelynDCBU: That's alright. I will make sure this will be fixed within this interaction.
Kyle: It's been up and down all month, never even hit the 10mbps mark when i'm paying for 20 w/ powerboost of 25mbpss
Kyle: the rep tells me that I'm being billed for 25mbps, but 10 was the effective cap all month
SUPJovelynDCBU: I sincerely apologize for that, Kyle. I myself depend on the internet so much that I am sure I will feel the same way if I was the one experiencing this.
SUPJovelynDCBU: I am on your account now. Please give me another minute to check on the previous notes.
Kyle: they're also telling me that the comcast rep that handled the switchover of addresses misinformed me which modem would be required to service the 20mbps
Kyle: the Docsis 2.0 standard supports up to 20mpbs, and working in the IT field and being told by the comcast rep that handled the address transfer that a Docsis 2.0 would be sufficient, I purchased a Docsis 2.0 modem
Kyle: it is now outside the 30-day return policy
SUPJovelynDCBU: I see. Thanks for all these information, Kyle. This will definitely help us fix the problem.
SUPJovelynDCBU: By the way, I checked your account and I can see there was a ticket created for this same issue last June 3.
SUPJovelynDCBU: Just to verify, has there been a technician sent for this?
Kyle: no, there has not, and last June 3rd was at a different location because the initial technicians that did the installation didn't configure the internet at all during the visit, I had to do the entire setup myself
SUPJovelynDCBU: Oh, that is not so good. I know I have been repeating this but I am sorry this has to happen. No worries, I will do everything on my end so to end this issue once and for all.
SUPJovelynDCBU: I performed a health check on your account and it indeed gave me a negative results.
SUPJovelynDCBU: Is the computer directly connected to the modem?
Kyle: no, it is connected via a WirelessN600+ connection, which is rated at up to 50MBPS with ~5ms of latency overhead
Kyle: technically, it should be able to reach 200-300mbps, but that's not real world usage
SUPJovelynDCBU: Ok. Since I am seeing a problem on my end after the health check, I just want to let you know that we might need to send out our dispatch team to have this fixed. Rest assured we are sending out our best technicians to resolve the problem.
SUPJovelynDCBU: Would this work with you?
Kyle: that's not keeping with your promise of solving the problem today
Kyle: the problem stands that you guys have been charging me for 20-25mpbs, and giving me 10mpbs
Kyle: and the fault lies with the fact that your previous representatives failed to issue the proper information
Kyle: or do the health checks like you did to even see there is a problem with the system
user Kyle has left room
SUPJovelynDCBU: Actually, what we do on our end to resolve the problem is determine what the issue is. Since we have found out that there is indeed a problem with the service (could be with the modem as well), the resolution is to send out a technician. I also checked your account and you have our Blast service which reaches to 20mbps with powerboost.
Kyle: we've already established the fact that the 20-25mpbs service requires a Docsis 3.0 modem, and that your reps had supplied me with the incorrect information which resulted in me going out and buying a docsis 2,0 modem
Kyle: i'm not paying you guys to bring me out a modem and pretending like you guys didn't***** up
user Kyle has left room
SUPJovelynDCBU: In behalf of the previous representatives, I would like to apologize for causing this, Kyle. What I am doing now is to help resolve this and to avoid having this same problem moving forward.
Kyle: your representatives have cost me $75 out of pocket, and you can see the type of internet experience i'm getting right now
The chat session has been closed
analyst Jovelyn has left room
Kyle: no, it is connected via a WirelessN600+ connection, which is rated at up to 50MBPS with ~5ms of latency overhead
Kyle: technically, it should be able to reach 200-300mbps, but that's not real world usage
SUPJovelynDCBU: Ok. Since I am seeing a problem on my end after the health check, I just want to let you know that we might need to send out our dispatch team to have this fixed. Rest assured we are sending out our best technicians to resolve the problem.
SUPJovelynDCBU: Would this work with you?
Kyle: that's not keeping with your promise of solving the problem today
Kyle: the problem stands that you guys have been charging me for 20-25mpbs, and giving me 10mpbs
Kyle: and the fault lies with the fact that your previous representatives failed to issue the proper information
Kyle: or do the health checks like you did to even see there is a problem with the system
user Kyle has left room
SUPJovelynDCBU: Actually, what we do on our end to resolve the problem is determine what the issue is. Since we have found out that there is indeed a problem with the service (could be with the modem as well), the resolution is to send out a technician. I also checked your account and you have our Blast service which reaches to 20mbps with powerboost.
Kyle: we've already established the fact that the 20-25mpbs service requires a Docsis 3.0 modem, and that your reps had supplied me with the incorrect information which resulted in me going out and buying a docsis 2,0 modem
Kyle: i'm not paying you guys to bring me out a modem and pretending like you guys didn't***** up
user Kyle has left room
SUPJovelynDCBU: In behalf of the previous representatives, I would like to apologize for causing this, Kyle. What I am doing now is to help resolve this and to avoid having this same problem moving forward.
Kyle: your representatives have cost me $75 out of pocket, and you can see the type of internet experience i'm getting right now

At this point, the technician reset my modem and entered in the incorrect values, which resulted in my internet going completely offline for 3 hours. When I came back online I got this message.

SUPJovelynDCBU: Since this has been an issue, I strongly recommend sending out a technician to check everything fix from there.
user Kyle has left room
SUPJovelynDCBU: Analyst has closed chat and left the room

Yes I linked them here. Yes I'm gonna trash their service every day until they get their shit fixed.