Thursday, June 23, 2011

New TV time? I think so.

I've been thinking for a while now that it's about time that I replaced my TV. Don't get me wrong, my Panasonic Viera 42" is amazing, but I'm just not sure it's cutting it anymore. The picture is still amazing, but after the move my 42" just feels small in the new living room.

I was initially planning on doing a 55" Panasonic 600hz 1080p 3D tv, but I really just can't justify spending that much money on a 55", just to have to turn around and buy a 3D blu-ray player as well. Then I'd be stuck doing the whole buy the whole DVD library over again in 3D. I already waste enough money buying movies, making the jump to 3D when most movies just use it as a gimmick just isn't worth it for me right now.

I was also looking at the 55" Samsung LED TV, which was bundled with a Blu-Ray player. It was tempting, but I felt like without the 3D or the 3D Blu-Ray that I was going with aging technology. If I'm gonna go with aging technology, I might as well just stick with the tried and true 42" that I have right now and pick something up for the bedroom.

Maybe I should just pick up the Sony Bravia 40" KDL 40EX500 and toss it in the bedroom to make my girlfriend happy, and hold off a little longer on updating the big TV. It's only a 40" but with motionflow everything stays nice and crisp even when there's a lot of action. My girlfriend should love that, especially since she loves horror and scary movies, and half the time you miss the creepy parts with new TVs due to the blurring.


wellpickedbooger said...

Personally, I don't think 3D is a 'wave of the future' or anything. What do I know though, I've had the same bulky as hell 27" TV for like, 8 years! I really need to upgrade...

Skeng said...

Do what I did and get a 65" tv. Also, wait a while for 3D so they can iron out the bugs. I believe they're closer to making it 3D without the stupid glasses (but that might be made up lol)

d0h said...

I'm really thinking about getting a 3D TV that's Nvidia Certified for their 3D platform. You know, the one that started it all, and then got sold to all the major TV companies :P

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