Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Every day I be shufflin!

Everyday I be Shufflin! LFMAO teaches you how to Charleston, and then teaches how to adapt the Charleston to the Shuffle.

LMFAO busted onto the scene with Lil Jon with the song "Shots", but really broke through with the track "Party Rock Anthem" The chorus of "Everyday I'm shufflin" simply will not allow anyone to not enjoy. If this track doesn't make you bob your head, much less start Charleston Shufflin', then you lack any sort of music sense or soul.

I'll be posting video of Me and Micro shufflin' in tinychat, if we ever get the courage to record it. Record your Charleston or Shuffle and I'll feature you in a later blog, and if you're in Colorado or wanna travel, I'll work my connections and see if I can get you a spot doing GO-GO at some of the Colorado Venues.

Much love and shufflin',

d0h / in50mn14c


Dejch said...

both videos are crazy!

Anonymous said...

Love this song!

fabio_2007 said...

nice songs

Heather said...

Was hilarious watching you two shuffle, lol

Radux said...

I need to learn to shuffle. Looks so awesome!

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