Sunday, June 19, 2011

League of Legends - Season 1 Championships LIVE NOW

It's been an epically long season one for League of Legends players. During the first season of this breakout game, we've seen the hero selection go from a mere handful of heros (~20-30 at start) to a whopping 77 heros to chose from. Riot Games has decided to close out the season with an epic blowout at the largest LAN party every year, Dreamhack in Sweden. With over 188k viewers on the live stream of the games, and the #eSports hashtag trending worldwide on Twitter, League of Legends has solidified it's position in the online competitive gaming community. With epic games constantly streaming at Season 1 League of Legends Livestream, everyone can and should feel free to check out the action that is Dreamhack and League of Legends.

TSM vs aAa was the most amazing game thus far in the livestream experience. At thirty minutes in, the game was practically tied with TSM seeming like they were slipping. aAa had pressed TSM into to their own base, and things were beginning to look bleek. Suddenly, Reginald popped Annie's Tibbers, and chaos struck out. aAa was split and stunned, and TSM dropped 3 players from the aAa attack. From this point, the constant back and forth was so tense that there are no words in english to properly describe. Just prior to the final push, both teams were facing off at Baron. Almost in unison, both teams split for the enemy base, and completed the game in an epic base race in which TSM edged out aAa by 2 hits on the nexus.

In game two, Reginald decided to go with a Zilian build that ended up (in my opinion) costing his team the game. The ulti was priceless in teamfights, but he lacked the ability to take out anyone or be an offensive power.


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