Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Holy Shit! I Know Superman!

So, Vivid Entertainment released Superman XXX in their porn parody line. Not a big surprise, especially after the success of the Batman XXX. So, being a guy I naturally have to grab it and take a look right? I pop the DVD in, and much to my amazement when the title screen popped up so did a big as life picture of my buddy Jeremy Bilding. Now, of course, that's no the name I know him by, but to respect the separation between his personal life and his porn life I'll use his porn pseudonym. It's always kinda funny when you see people that you knew from way back in the day truly make it. Not gonna lie, if I ever had even a passing thought of swinging both ways, Jeremy would be the first one I'd go for.

Check out his blog: http://www.jbilding.com/


Scrogglez said...

Thats funny. I dunno how i would react to that. Prolly laugh a bit

paidvacation1605 said...

uhhhh we could have done with out that last line

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