Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Sometimes you just have to stand up to the forces that be.
Sometimes you just have to stand up to the forces that be.
Photography seems to be one of the few things that brings joy to my dull life. Aside from video games, photography is my escape, and the way I see the world on my simple minimum wage salary. These photos can baffle the mind, and remind you what you aspire to be, and inspire you to take action.
Isn't this how we look at life so often?
Photography offers us a way to break down walls, and see things that we’d never be able to see on our own. It allows us to change perspective and see the world through the artist’s eyes. Changing of our perspectives is inevitable as the gaps between the nations continue to shrink through the use of things like the internet, twitter, and facebook.
Photography to me is a simple escape back to what we have forgotten. Back the simplicity of life. The enjoyment of nature and exploration. Stumbling through photographs allows us to view the world as quickly as clicking Stumble on Stumbleupon.


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The picture of the tanks is a good one

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