Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Insomnia inspired ramblings, p.1

Insomnia is probably the most dangerous drug that anyone has stumbled upon. There is no better way to twist your mind and change your perspectives than to abandon sleep, or worse yet, have the inability to maintain sleep. Onset of insomnia for me is for me mostly a delightful thing, as it blurs the lines of awake and asleep and allows my mind to drift away from the limitations and frameworks set forth like some archaic stones with 10 lectures about what not to do in life. I've been questioning these mandates for just a little over a year now, and my fears deepen every time I ponder what has really become of the laws of the land. Gays can't marry, because marriage is a tidbit of the framework of religion that was supposed to be removed from our beautifully delusional nation so that we can create religious tolerance, while denying the building of a mosque near the former site of the World Trade Center towers. Schools now charge to teach knowledge that should be common sense, while indoctrinating the ignorant that fail to have said common sense with dictates and mandates from the teacher's own agenda on how existence works. Yet, when challenged with evolution of their own ideals, they strike the idea of change down. Why shouldn't we be able to contradict the suppositions and have the results changed as well? Necessary truth vs Logical truth fails to evaluate reality versus theory. Analytical truth has all but gone extinct.

Since thinking is so extremely common on the internet, right?


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