Friday, April 29, 2011

So evidently I missed something... Something about a wedding?

Evidently there was some massive wedding event that I missed. Something televised all over the world and every cared about? What? Did some socialite make another massive scene? Oh wait? It was the Royal Family?

Twitter trending topics as of right now:
William & Kate

WHO CARES?!?! God people! Stop living vicariously through other people's lives and start living your own lives!
Eh, at least she's hot... /rant


hirou said...

I was amazed as I saw it live on Russian TV =)

cgallium said...

Its kind of funny how the royal family was pretty much off the radar until the wedding.

ReMs said...

Same here..didnt know about the wedding till just this morning, apparently was some big deal ^^ on some TV networks

Jacob said...

I hate royalty

And I agree, people need to live their own lives.

OatmealStout said...

I'm glad this is over.

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