Thursday, May 26, 2011

China defense minister admits cyber-army

China admits for the first time that it has an elite unit of cyber warriors in its army, as an intelligence source tells Channel 4 News the threat is real, potent, and will be utilised in warfare.
China admits cyber warfare army unit (Getty)

I love how channel4 is trying to make something that has been general knowledge for years to anyone doing IT sound like it's something new. Oh no! China has a cyber army. So does the USA. So does Russia. What do you think the NSA is? The news seriously needs to stop being so fanatical.


Dejch said...

chineserz will own us all soon

randomer said...

You're right, there have always been cyber-armies every since the Internet was born.

Mike Etching said...

The News is always Hype and buff, it's just the font end for the bullshit they feed us.

Insider33 said...

My virtual shotgun says hi.

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