Friday, May 13, 2011

Sony letter to publishers

The frustration regarding the PlayStation Network outage and a subsequent lack of information on when it will be restored has put fans and industry insiders alike on edge.

As most know by now, on April 20, Sony took the PlayStation Network offline after a hacker infilitrated its database and illegally accessed the account information of nearly 80 million user accounts. Its other networks, Qriocity and Sony Online Entertainment, have also been hacked and subsequently shut down. Since then, many would argue Sony has not dished out enough information regarding the outage, what is being done to fix it and when it will come back up.While fans are getting notably angry, and some are threatening to switch over to PS3 rival Xbox 360, it is the video game publishers that stand to lose the received a etter that Sony sent to an anonymous publisher. In the letter, Sony's vice president of publisher relations, Rob Dyer, told the publishers that Sony will keep the lines of communication open with these publishers and will do everything in their power to support them.

He also said Sony is working with the FBI to find out the culprits who hacked into the servers. After that, Dyer didn't give much in the way of specific information. The entire letter is below.


Alixander said...

Geez, they got the FBI on this too?

Insider33 said...

Wow, they're serious

Dejch said...

what will happen to hackers if they find them?

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