Friday, May 27, 2011

QR codes in the strangest places

QR codes are now being installed on...cemetery headstones.
That's right: you may be wandering a cemetery soon and spot a QR code on a tombstone, protected behind glass so it is weather-impervious. Scanning the code with your phone will bring up a Web obituary so you can learn about the person buried in that plot.
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The company responsible for this, Rochester, Minn.-based Funeral Innovations, specializes in high-tech tools for funeral homes.

This is an amazing example of how technology is taking things to the next level. Interactive websites associated with the ones you love. I can only imagine how incredible it might be to be able to go and see your loved ones that have passed on, scan a QR code, and have a video of one of their most memorable moments pop onto your phone. This could easily add a "life after death" legacy.


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