Friday, May 20, 2011

Update on Samsung Continuum Verizon Win?

Leaving off from the last post, I have to give Verizon a couple of Win points here. They overnighted me a brand new Samsung Continuum, and gave me a credit on my account for the days where I was without a phone. The new Continuum is working great. +1 Verizon.

In other news, sources around the web are claiming that Verizon is going to be doing away with their Unlimited Data Package. My sources at a Verizon call center have heard nothing about it, other than the top 5% of users might be given the option to bump up to a different tier. I'll update you soon.


Alixander said...

You had some good luck with Verizon there.

wellpickedbooger said...

I've had nothing but lousy customer service from them! And they charge way too much for internet, $50 for 5 gbs!

#19 said...

WOW, that is really good service from them! Overnighting a phone AND giving you credit? Consider yourself lucky good sir!

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