Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Epic new banner

soo.. I had KillerKun helped me out with recreating my banner, and it looks epic. So I gotta plug KillerKun @

That's the regular size, click thru to see all the details on it.


Anonymous said...

Looks really cool!

OatmealStout said...

Trying to figure out what those two black dots in the middle are.

Insider33 said...

That's a sweet banner, KillerKun drawing good stuff once again.

d0h said...

I actually did the entire background, but Killer did the whole cropping/transparency thing cuz I'm slightly retarded in photoshop. The two black dots were put in to pull your eyes to the center of the photo and emphasize the outward explosion.

Funny part is, I actually did the background almost 8 years ago in Photoshop 4. Yea, I was pretty badass back in the day... :P

Dejch said...

it's good!

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