Monday, May 23, 2011

Going back to college, p1

Recently, I've been thinking about going back to college, as the education I already have isn't really helping me find a job in the current job market. That's really the sad part about the market today, especially in technology. I have 3+ years in Systems Administration, 8+ years in building and troubleshooting workstations and systems, and 2+ years designing and maintaining small networks and small business networks. All that experience, and I can't even land a solid position in the CIS/IT field. It seems that all the low-level positions are being filled by the trickle-down of downsized positions and experienced professionals that are now considered "unnecessary" due to the fact that they know what they are doing and expect to be paid as such. Don't think this is true? Take a look at my documenting the Sony hacks. Sony laid off most of their senior staff and brought in kids fresh out of college or tech school and expected the same quality of work.
I'm sorry, but this isn't how the work force is supposed to be formed. You're supposed to have experienced workers in charge, and have the pencil pushers and those who lack experience being subordinate to the experienced, not managing the experienced while having no earthly clue as to how anything actually works in the business.


Dejch said...

well i have a diploma but can't get a job so it sucks.

Jesse Crows said...

completing a degree is very satisfying

Insider33 said...

Too many well educated people, not enough good jobs

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