Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Update on Samsung Continuum fail

I did a little more research on the Samsung Continuum Fail that I had last posted about, (see ) and found some further interesting information.

Seems that the recovery partition on most Samsung phones does not include a recovery for the radio portion of the phone. Thus, if your phone is messed up during an update or any upgrade to the radio/baseband, the phone is permanently bricked. It seems as though this is a safety measure implemented by most cell phone providers so that if anything goes wrong with the phone the phone must be either 1.) replaced or 2.) returned to the provider for repair.

What happened to making sure products were actually ready for market before releasing a product? How about stepping up your Samsung Development so user-based development like XDA isn't needed?


Dejch said...

ok thanks for the headsup

Pappa Püllï said...

Damn they fail hard on that.

Jeremy said...

That's a pretty cheap tactic. And I bet they do this just for the money.

Insider33 said...

Thank god I decided not to get a Samsung phone.

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