Saturday, May 7, 2011

The sony fails keep coming

Sony said on Saturday it had removed from the Internet the names and partial addresses of 2,500 sweepstakes contestants that had been stolen by hackers and posted on a website, and said it did not know when it could restart its PlayStation video games network.     The company, under fire since hackers accessed personal data from about 100 million user accounts of its PlayStation Network and PC-based online gaming services, said in a statement details posted on the inactive website also included three unconfirmed e-mail addresses.
The data came from customers who entered a 2001 product sweepstakes contest. The list did not include information on credit cards, social security numbers or passwords.
"The website was out of date and inactive when discovered as part of the continued attacks on Sony," Sony said, adding that the company took the website down shortly after finding out about the postings on Thursday.     Sony Chief Executive Officer Howard Stringer apologised on Friday to users of the firm's PlayStation Network and other online services, breaking his silence on the massive data breach.     The company said last Sunday that it would begin restoring services within the week but a spokeswoman said on Saturday this would not be possible, and that no date had been fixed for when services would resume.

So evidently Sony, after 2 break-ins this week alone, didn't stop to think "Hey, maybe it's time to do a full security audit." As a CIS/IT professional, it makes me rather sick. Sony, if you need someone to point the finger at for all these hacks, please remember that while you're pointing 1 weak finger @ "Anonymous" you're pointing 3 right back at yourself for failing to maintain industry standards and properly secure your assets. It'd be like Obama taking the gates out @ the White House then wondering why there were protesters right outside the door instead of a couple hundred feet away.


Alixander said...

Woo! Good work Sony. You made the PS3 even worse.

Lucky13 said...

Yeah pretty much Sony fails at protecting its data and then turns blame of the currently ever infamous "Anonymous". I've also heard some reports that Sony's PSN stations were running on an outdated Apache servers without any firewall protection, go figure that it got hacked.

Dejch said...

yep definitly bad month for sony

Pappa Püllï said...

Sony fails so hard lately

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